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Hi! My name is Alena Hagedorn and I am a passionate photographer.  I have been shooting fine art and travel photography for a number of years now with a growing love of night photography.  You can check out my fine art night photography at .

On May 22, 2014, I married Debbie, my partner of 27 years.  Because it was not yet legal in Ohio, we married in Maine’s Acadia National Park on a gorgeous beach.  It was truly one of the happiest days of our lives!  We had hired a fantastic photographer to shoot the memories of our event, but finding such an equality minded photographer was not so easy!  It was at that time that I began thinking that I would like to give other gay couples the same feelings I get when  look through my wedding day photos!  I want to share and capture the joy of that special day in my photography!  I wanted to SPECIALIZE in same-sex weddings!  What could be more rewarding?!

I would be honored to capture your loving day and preserve the memories for years to come!

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Me on my wedding day – yep I’m BEAMING!!!